Using Heart Rate for Recovery

February 20th, 2021

Recover Faster with These Helpful Tips!

As you may have read in some of our previous blogs, there are many healing aspects associated with your heart rate. Understanding your heart rate and the proper range for your specific needs can help significantly with managing your recovery process.

As stated by VeryWell Fit, “Recovery heart rate is a pulse measurement that is taken immediately following intense exercise. Recovery heart rate is used in some fitness tests to evaluate the heart’s ability to recover from exercise. The recovery pulse rate may be used to estimate an exerciser’s fitness level.”

By understanding where your heart rate should be at the current point in your recovery process, you can successfully identify when you are in a good place, when you are pushing yourself too far, and when you may be in need of a little extra assistance. Whatever the case may be, at Fusion Performance, we can help you discover how heart rate can play a vital role in your recovery process. Contact Fusion Performance today to learn more!

Why should I continue to train after an injury or surgery?

While it may seem counterintuitive, training and tracking your heart rate can actually enhance your recovery after an injury or surgery, so you can get back to your normal life faster. 

Training after an ailment or surgical procedure can help you build up your confidence while you are recovering, which is half the battle when working to return to your sport. By continuing to move your body, you are maintaining the strength you currently have and gaining back the strength that was lost. Additionally, physical activity during recovery enhances blood flow which promotes healing inside your body, making you feel better faster.

That’s why heart rate is so important during all this. Tracking your heart rate while you are building your strength back up can bring you peace of mind in knowing you aren’t at risk of doing too much – and can help you take a step back when you are.

Our physical therapists can help you discover the right recovery training schedule for your needs, and they can also help you determine the best range for your heart rate at this point in time.

Get started on the path toward recovery today

If you are recently recovering from an injury or surgery, we can help you discover how heart rate can play a vital role in getting you back in the game. 

At Fusion Performance, our licensed physical therapists are highly trained in the treatment of recovering athletes and the knowledge of sports psychology as a whole. Don’t be nervous to trust the process – we promise you are in good hands!

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