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Sports Performance


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Unique Focuses

  • Assessment
  • Sports Science
  • Recovery
  • Athlete Monitoring
  • Environment
  • Sport Specific
  • Education


All of our sports performance programs begin with a 1-1 assessment with a strength coach. During the assessment you will go through a movement screen to get an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Based on this we will work to help you set goals and build a program to work towards them.


Sports Science

Our program focuses on all aspects of being an elite athlete. We use sports science to help us in the decision-making process when building programs. It will start from the very beginning during your assessment. We will use technology to measure where you are, and see where you stand compared to other athletes in your sport and near your age. We will regularly look at these factors throughout your program to see if you are heading towards your goals or if anything needs to be adjusted to get you moving in the right direction.

We will also be using technology to see how your body is responding to the current workload that is affecting you. This will help us to see your recovery levels and we will be able to predict if you are potentially headed toward an injury.



We put a large emphasis on recovery. If you are not properly recovering, you limit your potential improvements. On top of limiting your potential, you increase the possibility of developing pain, nagging injuries that you could have to work through, or potential large injuries that could take you off the field for significant amounts of time.


Athlete Monitoring

The goal of athlete monitoring is to maximize the positive effects (eg, fitness, readiness and performance, hormone regulation) and minimize the negative effects (eg, excessive fatigue, injury and illness) of training.
This is done through wearables and the data they collect.
Athlete monitoring utilizes metrics and creates programs based on speed of movement required and the energy systems needed for your sport.


You will train in a semi private environment, with no more than 3 athletes to 1 coach. This format gives you the attention needed from your coach, while also giving you the ability to schedule the most convenient time to train based on your schedule.


Sport Specific

All sports have unique athletic needs as well as common holes they have that can cause certain injuries to be more likely. We will help you build on the unique positions and planes of motion that each sport needs, as well as building up the possible holes, to reduce the risk of injury.



Education is an important part of our program. We want our athletes to understand what they are doing, how to do it properly, and why it will benefit them. Athletes will learn how to train, and they will also learn how to properly recover.

Ready to begin a 1-1 assessment with us?

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